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COVID-19 Wedding Styling

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

Some of us may still be apprehensive about starting wedding planning. Even as vaccines programs are being rolled out, the future remains, as always, uncertain.

Yet, there are many others who have chosen not to abandon their big day plans. With the evolving pandemic situation, couples and vendors alike have learnt to take it in their stride and modify their ways of doing around the circumstances.

In this series, we attempt to give you a glimpse of what is in store for you as you plan your wedding during this “new normal”. We break down what you can expect as you go about sourcing for your vendors in a safe and (still) exciting manner. You will find out what has remained the same since pre-COVID-19, what has changed and what to anticipate moving forward.


We began this series with wedding gown shopping (which you can read more about here and here) and wedding hair and makeup. Still continuing with the flow of wedding looks, we spoke to highly sought after wedding creative, Lalu from Wulala!

Featured Professional:
Wulala! is a styling studio that is the brainchild of Lalu. Through the years, Lalu and team have gotten the knack of styling wickedly amazing venue spaces; gifting each of them a renewed spirit and every guest, a sense of wonderment as they walk in. The team has gained the confidence of not just wedding couples but also lifestyle brands and labels – all of whom have trusted them to deliver the kick-ass surprises they swear by. The only thing they ask of their clients, is simply the element “you”. As they said, “The more ‘you’ your celebration is, the more excited we are to create it. We offer almost anything as long as you have the cheek to ask for it.”

Are you amazed yet? Before we lose you to the wonderful imagery that is on Wulala’s IG feed, read on to understand what wedding styling is and how the wedding styling space (pun intended) has evolved since the onset of COVID-19.

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(Before even going into the details, we think you ought to know what exactly Wulala does and if you’re still unsure about the role of a wedding stylist vs a wedding planner or a venue manager, this article will help you wrap your head around it.)

Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
What Do You Do as a Wedding Stylist?

Lalu: I enhance and improve/beautify spaces, memories and relationships that are built during that few hours spent there (the venue).

I access the space upon entering, find what’s special and try to elevate that. Working with the clients’ needs and constraints, I will then build a mood board.

There will usually be a lot of discussions between the stylist and the couples. And at Wulala, we specialise in customised setups, so we don’t have standard packages.

Do You Work on the Flowers Yourself?

Lalu: It depends. For example, some couples have a particular style in mind, or they already have a florist they want to work with. Secondly, it is also dependent on their budget. I will usually take up the small set ups but for big arrangements, I will work with florists. There are several florists that I work with and I will go with the one that works best in terms of price, style and budget.

Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
How and When Should Couples Who Are Interested to Engage a Wedding Stylist Approach One?

Lalu: For Wulala, we usually suggest clients to approach us 3 months before the wedding and preferably with their budget, desired theme, and colour scheme already in mind, and of course to let us know where the venue is going to be so we can conceptualise something that is suitable.  

Lalu: Prices of flowers are affected and they’re comparatively more expensive. And with the zoning requirements, decoration is split into 2 parts for example having two sets of seating plan, two sets of reception tables etc. More decoration is needed in that sense but not necessarily double the amount.

Besides that, couples are now going for venues that are outdoors or are more intimate and smaller. Because of that, couple’s budget have also come down.

Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
Is There Anything You Wish More Couples Should Know or Do?

Lalu: Not really, because I think these days couples are more adventurous and fun.

I guess if there is anything, it will be good if they can do some research to know what colour schemes they want, and to save photos that they like. They could be on Pinterest, IG, or anywhere!

On Sustainability and Not Letting Flowers/Things Go to Waste After a Single Big Event, What Is Your Take on It?

Lalu: We always encourage couples to distribute and take away the flowers from the wedding!

TWM Tip: Besides letting your guests bring home your wedding flowers, you can also donate them to social enterprises that re-purposes these flowers into bouquets that are distributed to senior homes or hospitals. Some of these include Bloomback and Refresh Flowers.


  • Wedding stylists visually enhance the look and feel of a venue space. They may or may not produce the look on their own, but they definitely conceptualise it.
  • Approach a wedding stylist 3 months before the wedding day with an idea of your budget, colour and theme.
  • With COVID-19, cost may go up due to flowers being more expensive and decorations needed for each zone.
  • That said, you might still spend lesser than normal times if you’re having a smaller wedding.
  • It is helpful to your wedding stylist if you can share saved images of setup and decoration you like!
  • If you have no other use for your wedding flowers, encourage your guests to bring them home or donate them!

Now, you are free to go and get yourself inspired by Wulala!’s amazing work. We dare you to challenge them with the most “you” and creative set up yet!

Thank you Lalu for sharing her insights with us! If you’re keen to find out more about how she started the business and what she does in her personal time, read our interview with her here!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!

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