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Contemporary Oriental – A Marriage of Kindred Spirit

Clearly, we’re not the only ones with a soft spot for tradition and culture. Our industry’s very own tastemakers, Ernest and Samantha, were the protagonists behind this contemporary oriental shoot. The ingenious pair who founded local cake studio, Cupplets is known for their signature Peranakan-motif-styled cakes. Their deep passion for heritage is seen through all their work, with each creation made to artful precision through the modern ways of cake-making.

Cupplets Cream Cake
Photo courtesy of Fellow Folks

Then we have Brendan of Fellow Folks, who chimed in with his creative flair and distinguished taste for space styling. He’s someone you’d think to be extremely fashion-forward but in a wedding styling context. Put them all together and the result is the birth of this shoot that captures their interpretation of Oriental meets Modern.

… we envisioned a photoshoot where not only do we celebrate their love and approaching wedding date, we wanted to uphold and honour their Teochew traditions, and their love for Peranakan culture in a modern manner. To simply put, marriage is a lifelong decision and commitment made by two individuals. However, it also symbolizes the merging of history and legacy of two kindred families which is why we chose to put together elements of oriental style and modern practices for the shoot.

Brendan – Fellow Folks

In search of inspiration, they set forth on a creative adventure to get down to the root of things. No other place speaks Oriental more than Chinatown and even so, what we see today is a unique blend of features and practices that have gone through many adaptations by past generations of immigrants and dwellers. As Brendan puts it fittingly, what then does our own version of Chinatown has to show?

Chinatown itself is an interesting concept since there’s one in every corner of the world, so what makes Singapore’s Chinatown truly Oriental?

Brendan – Fellow Folks

They were drawn in by the familiar architectural sights of Chinatown and in particular the way each building showcases elements from different cultures and time period. 

…each building had motifs drawn from different influences from the Neo-Classical, Malay, Baroque, Chinoiserie, Art-Deco etc. The idea of retaining the old while incorporating relevant trends from the newer architectural eras resonated with us and became our focus in the shoot.

Brendan – Fellow Folks

Set in Cupplet’s new art space, Cupplet’s Creatives, the form of the shoot started taking shape. As ideas were developed, more creatives were roped in to complete the set up. No detail was too tiny to be overlooked.

While ideas grow, each of us start pulling in vendors we each know or affiliated with, including Hua Yin Silk for QiPao, Wemerrygoround for Videography and Revelation Jewelry Co. for vintage jewelleries.

Brendan – Fellow Folks

Perhaps it was the attention paid to even the smallest of things that makes the shoot so immaculate and spectacular that Brendan wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

There wouldn’t be a thing that I would like to change, perhaps to improve but not change. It is very much like a wedding, where things happen for a reason, and that is what make each shoot unique and different from one another.

Brendan – Fellow Folks

We are awfully touched by the amount of dedication and thought that went into creating this shoot. Our modern ways have given us ample resources to create the novel and different. While there is a lot to praise about that, still, we can’t help but be drawn to the charm that exudes out of something old and this shoot was like paying tribute to the bygone era. It is not unlike holding a treasured piece from the past and viewing it with fresh eyes before it too is left for future generations to marvel at. It is a precious feeling. At that, would you then consider leaving something old and personal for your offspring? Because the creative team sure hope you do! 

We hope to see more brides wearing or accepting the idea of hand-me-down jewellery pieces, or some call the heirloom jewellery pieces.

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is an old English tradition that a handful of brides still practice. While these jewellery pieces may not be trendy or cost a million dollars, the stories behind these small jade pieces, sapphire gold rings and pendants carry the weight of history and legacy of past generations before them. We like to think that all the love borne from these pieces will bring good luck and significance to your wedding. We also believe that having a new jewellery piece with a modern take that reflects your style and personality will kickstart your own tradition and love story to be passed down to your future generation.

Brendan – Fellow Folks

For couples who share the same fondness for something old and something new as this creative team, this set up with paper flowers and fresh floral installation (excluding rental of furniture) will cost $2,350 onwards. The Amaryllis table arrangement that fits a typical 5ft round banquet table will cost $320 onwards for a set of 3s.

Professionals behind the shoot:

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