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Been-There-Done-That Series Featuring Joshua & Ashley

There are only that few things you wish to only do once in your lifetime – going on a doorless helicopter ride, parachuting, getting married and setting up a family.

For most of us, these are activities we have personal stakes in, and it is no wonder every aspect of it is being carefully calculated and cautiously weighed through. The result is often a gazillion things to think about and an endless questioning of whether a decision made was the best that it could be.

It can be a weary process without someone to shed light on what truly is important. To make this journey less daunting and to warm those involuntary cold feet, we turn to those who have done it all.

The “Been-There-Done-That” Series: What you can expect from this series are nuggets of wisdom from brides and/or grooms who’ve been there and done that and what they have to say after they’ve become a bride/groom, a wife/husband and a mother/father.


We begin with Joshua and Ashley who both still work in Finance after their nuptials in 2016 and the arrival of their beautiful son soon after and recently, their daughter.

Wedding Info

Names & Occupation: Ashley & Joshua, Finance
Wedding Venue: Tamarind Hill Singapore
No. of Guests: 180
Wedding Date:  11 Dec 2016

1. What is the best purchase or investment you’ve made for the wedding?

Having a wedding planner to help us with the planning! We were really busy with work and were on a short timeline so we would not have been able to have had a wedding if it was not for them.

2. How about the worst purchase or investment for the wedding?

We are pretty happy with our vendors and purchases but maybe I bought too many wedding shoes 😛

3. What is the best advice you’ve received during the wedding planning?

Not to be too caught up with the details. Enjoy the process and planning, and remember that the marriage is far more important than the wedding.

4. The secret to marriage after 4 years and 2 kids later?

 Make sure wife is always happy haha!

5. Anything that you would have done differently?

Probably should have spent more time writing our wedding speeches rather than leaving it to the very last minute.

Photo by Mindy Tan

6. Was there anything that seemed really important when you were planning your wedding, but you realise it doesn’t matter that much after? 

Seating arrangements. Because everyone was gathered drinking around the bar anyway!

Photo by Mindy Tan

7. Any special shoutout to a vendor/professional you would like to make?

Chere Weddings & Event! Such an awesome team to work with!


We all embark on this journey at different points in our lives yet the process in wanting to get to the same outcome – a beautiful wedding, marriage and family is something we all share. No matter where you are at, we hope you find companionship through these words and that they swing you right into a place where you let your hair down and is ready to step into this new beginning.

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