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Beauty Appointments Before Wedding

You’ve gotten your wedding plans sorted out, florals ordered, food confirmed, and everyone in the bridal party is already briefed about their roles for the wedding…but what about you? Have you gotten yourself ready physically for the big day? When should you kickstart the process of going for beauty appointments so you look your best on the day? 

Here’s your guide to scheduling all the grooming and pampering sessions you need to get yourself in good shape!


12 Months (or More) Before Wedding


If you’re looking to straighten your teeth for the perfect smile, start early! Depending on individuals’ needs, the process to align your teeth may take some time so get started on this as soon as your wedding plans begin or even earlier.

2 to 6 Months Before Wedding


We often hear from those who’ve undergone vision correction procedure (or colloquially LASIK) that it was the best decision they’ve made. Perhaps other than saying yes to your partner, going for this procedure could be your next best “yes”. We imagine having “perfect” eyesight on your wedding day can only bring more joy as you say goodbye to long hours of wearing contact lenses. Depending on the type of procedure you go for, set aside a healing time of between 2 to 6 months for your vision to stabilise. You can also still choose to wear cosmetic lenses after that if you’d like to!

3 to 4 Months Before Wedding


A fitness routine should always be part of our everyday life. If however there are specific areas you’d like to work on for this very special day of yours, you can opt to have a more focused exercise regime. Starting about 3 to 4 months before the wedding should give you enough time to work on those areas at a manageable pace. Besides, a good sweat is always a good idea when you’re so deep into the planning by this point in time!


1 to 2 Month Before Wedding

Hair and Makeup Trial

Even if you have complete trust in your hair and makeup artist, trials are often essential for you and the artist to work out on the best look for you. During this trial, you will be exploring different concepts and styles with your artist before you settle on the final look. The accessories and attire you will be wearing will also play a big part in these discussions, which explains why the trial is typically held about 1 to 2 months before the wedding when your attire is pretty much sorted. These trial sessions can take hours, so it is best you arrange it on an off-day.

2 Weeks Before Wedding


You’re almost at the finishing line so let your hair down and go for a spa and pampering session! Make sure you go at least 2 weeks before your big day to allow your skin to settle down and recover from the extractions.

1 Week Before Wedding

Haircuts, Colour and Treatment

A week before the big day, get a light trim, colour it if you’d like to and give it a good treatment to make sure your tresses are healthy and glowing!

It is best if you could consult your hair and makeup artist on the right cut and colour during your hair and makeup trial. This way he/she will know what to expect and what he/she will be working with so there are no surprises on the wedding day!


They say brows are the window frames to your soul, so make sure they frame your eyes and make them stand out! Get them neaten up or tinted before the wedding. Some hair and makeup artist may provide brow trimming services too, so always go back to them to check on what they think will work for your entire wedding day look.

beauty appointments before wedding
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5 Days Before Wedding

Exfoliating and Waxing

If you want to get your skin as smooth as silk and butter, arrange for any waxing appointments 5 days before the wedding.

3 Days Before Wedding

Eyelash Extension

If you’re an eyelash extension kind of girl, go for a session 3 days prior to make sure they look full, uniform and long by the time the wedding day comes around.

Similarly, speak to your hair and make up artist about this as some of them may provide this service too!

2 Days Before Wedding

Manicure and Pedicure

You have gotten yourself pampered from the top so now it’s your tip and toes. 2 days before the wedding would be the perfect time to get those mani and pedis to ensure your nails and cuticles look flawless before the wedding.

There you go! We hope that gives you an idea on how to pace out those grooming sessions. They are also good pockets of time for you to have some time alone so have fun and enjoy yourself as you engage in them. Most importantly, maintaining good sleep hygiene and hydration are keys to feeling good on your wedding day! Now go strut that look!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Fellow Folks

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