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Anniversary Celebration Ideas

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary soon and need some ideas for ways to celebrate, we have compiled a list of our favourite things to do on this special day. Whether it’s been 2, 5, 10 years or 50, there is always something fun and exciting to do with the one you love!

Anniversary Celebration ideas:

  1. Go on an Adventure
  2. Create a Family Heirloom
  3. Whip Up a Meal at Home
  4. Dine Out at Your Favourite Restaurant
  5. Invest in Your Home
  6. Have a Photoshoot

Go on an Adventure!

anniversary celebration ideas
Photo courtesy of Chen Wei & Weiqi, taken by Kai Picture

Happen to be extroverted individuals who’d love nothing but a touch of sunshine and thrill? Well then, there’s no better way to celebrate your anniversary than to go on an exciting adventure!

Wake your inner travel enthusiasts up from their deep slumber and explore the hidden secrets which could instantly transport you to your preferred country of choice – all of which are housed within this tiny little red dot we call home. Love the tranquillity and cultural aspects of Bali? Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and head over to Fort Canning Park – a historical wonderland full of heritage and intricately built colonial structures. You may also look forward to catching a glimpse of our very own version of a Candi bentar, a scaled-down version of a classic Javanese and Balinese gateway entrance similar to the well-acclaimed gates found in Lempuyang Temple, Bali. Or do you miss the sea and surfing in Bali? Check out wakesurfing which is available all year round in Singapore! We may be living in a country particularly petite in size, but we sure do have something for even the pickiest of minds out there. Be it land or sea, let your adventurous selves run free!

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Create a Family Heirloom

How to plan a wedding in Singapore
The Wed Mag Styled Shoot, photo taken by Yu Hsin, Tinydot Photography

In times today, the word “heirloom” would most probably not ring a bell to many, as the act of passing it down from generation to generation is a tradition most commonly observed by older folks around us. With introductions of new trends and fads, this once important tradition has become a fading custom amongst younger communities. That said, it would be a unique and great opportunity to bring this customary practice back to life on your upcoming anniversary – you may even become a trend-setter! Pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings, wedding bands and dowry pieces are commonly used as family heirlooms due to their growing value with time and the basis that each piece carries a symbolic meaning behind its alluring semblances.

Contrary to popular belief, family heirlooms do not have to be objects of high monetary value – they could be an item of memorabilia for you and your partner, as well as an embodiment of your relationship. For this, we’d suggest designing a family ring lined with birthstones of both you and your partner. No doubt, the end product would turn out to be a sui generis gem unique to only the both of you, petite in size but with the perfect ability to preserve feelings of nostalgia and sentimental emotions encased within your relationship.

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Whip Up a Meal at Home

anniversary celebration ideas
The Wed Mag Styled Shoot, photo taken by Antelope Studios

During periods of Singapore’s circuit breaker, many discovered their inner chefs and interests in cooking. If you happen to be one of these individuals, this is an ideal time to put your skills to the test! Indeed, many perks come with preparing a home-cooked meal. For instance, you’d have the upper hand in customizing every little ingredient going into your recipe, on top of having the freedom to prepare nothing but your favourite dishes. Lastly and the best perk of it all, you’ll be able to go through the whole motion whilst being dressed in the comfort of your home clothes – even in your pj’s, nobody’s going to be there to judge! Dive into the depths of the internet, draw inspiration from the diverse range of recipes available online and let your creative juices run wild. What’s more, you could bring this experience up a notch by turning this into a bonding session between you and your partner! Get yourselves matching aprons, find time to discuss what’s going to be on the menu and prepare yourselves for an uplifting yet heartwarming hands-on culinary experience.

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Dine Out at Your Favourite Restaurant

anniversary celebration ideas
Photo courtesy of COMO Group

With many new restaurants picking up steam and gaining popularity amongst many in the F&B realm, there’s no lack of options when it comes to picking the perfect joint to celebrate your anniversaries. Compared to being your own chef at home, dining out would mean putting aside worries of deciding what to cook before, along with the chores many dread after – the big clean-up. When we talk about the variety of international cuisines available in Singapore, we are fortunate to have a whopping diversity of options guaranteed to cater to different preferences amongst individuals. Be it cuisines coming from the other side of the world such as Sweden, Russia or even Egypt – you have a pick for your choice. In addition, there is also a range of food and restaurant guides curated by local food enthusiasts online for a tiny boost of inspiration if you happen to need some.

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Invest in Your Home

anniversary celebration ideas
Photo by The Curious Light

Your home is possibly one of the biggest investments both of you have made together. If there is a space that your partner has been wanting to change or upgrade, this is your best opportunity! Change up the cabinets to include a personalised accessories holder; get that lounge chair that your partner has been eyeing; or simply a fresh coat of paint for a fresh new look!

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  • Browse Qanvast for local home design ideas
  • Explore Commune for local designer furniture

Have a Photoshoot

anniversary celebration ideas
Styled shoot courtesy of The Proposal & Iluminen

Who doesn’t scroll Instagram at least once a day? If you do, you would know how pictures speak a thousand words and how meaningful it can be to capture periods of time you want to remember. An anniversary is definitely worth capturing and it is the perfect opportunity to update your profile picture as well! Go a little more thematic if you like, work with the florist or stylist you’ve been following, and bring in your pets too because they are also family. Pictures are also the perfect way to document how your little family grow over the years!

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After all, wedding anniversaries are an occasion celebrated between you and your partner to reminisce the love that brought the both of you together; the affection you share is, in no doubt, unique to your relationship. That said, let your imagination run free, do something extraordinary this upcoming anniversary, for a memory of a lifetime.

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