Sunday, September 24, 2023

A Tropulence Wedding at Gateway Theatre’s Sky Garden

Following WEvents x HellofromFlour Estate Soiree Styled Shoot, the same power-packed combo produced this timeless concept for a wedding in the heart of our garden city.

sky garden gateway theatre
Photo courtesy of WEvents

Located at Bukit Merah Singapore, Sky Garden @ Gateway Theatre is a new venue managed by the same team, WEvents, who also brought us Wheeler’s Estate and Cargo39. This space has a unique architecture spotlighting manicured lawns, modern textural walls, a water feature, and an outdoor stage. It is flanked along the sides by trees framing the views of the city beyond. Such a space is one of its kind and only makes one dream of all the possibilities for a whole new wedding experience.

The unique configuration of the spaces inspired HellofromFlour to re-imagine wedding spaces, doing things the non-traditional way, making the experience more fun and intimate. An example would be the all-round solemnisation seating layout.  


The theme of the shoot was Tropulence – a term playing on the words “Tropical” and “Opulence”. This combination sets the tone for a sophisticated yet laid back celebration, which is the perfect vibe for anyone looking to honour the occasion with its rightful dose of formality yet also not to the point of making guests feel as if they must be on their toes the whole time!

HellofromFlour has created a look that was aptly made for our city – the multitude of greys and greens in this space mimicked that of the urban skyscrapers that sit on our garden city.

And HellofromFlour’s interpretation of this “glam meets green” concept was a creative balance between lavish and bold in addition to the tropical elements that were incorporated. For that sense of intimacy, they had jazzed it up with a bit of fun by introducing contrasting colours and vibrant florals – just a bit and not too much to avoid over-cluttering.

Won’t you agree this has brought a fresh new perspective to wedding decoration especially for a wedding in the city?

Professionals behind the shoot:

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